Audio Director, Andy Avitabile came to CROP as one of the region’s most sought after audio engineers.  A music enthusiast from the start, Andy learned to play a variety of instruments as child, and was a member of numerous ensembles.  After earning his degree from SUNY Buffalo, he took a position composing music and producing audio for Cliff Schwarz Music.  He has since gone on to work at many of New York’s top post-production facilities, partnering with renowned clients such as NBC, HBO, VH1, and MTV.  In addition to fulfilling CROP responsibilities, Andy also maintains many long-standing relationships with his own existing national and international clients.

When he’s not mixing sound or composing new music , Andy enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors, whether it’s hiking through the mountains, or navigating a river via kayak.  He is an accomplished cook, and always good for a restaurant recommendation.